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Red PLAID Fashion Wholesale Face Masks

Designer: Katydid

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The Bulk Plaid Masks Your Boutique Needs

Our cute plaid masks for women are made from three layers of cloth, making them a reusable item you can hand wash or launder with regular loads. Your customers will appreciate being able to clean them regularly for a nice, fresh feeling against their faces.

Each mask also features an interior pocket where users can place an optional filter, making our fabric face masks both trendy and functional! Convenient slides on each side make our bulk plaid masks easy to adjust for an individual fit on both children and adults.

    • Designed in-house
    • Crafted from three layers of cloth
    • Two adjustable slides
    • Pocket for optional filter
Just in Time for Flu Season

Flu season is approaching, which means people will want to continue to protect themselves against COVID and other viruses with trendy face masks. Be sure to stock up your boutique with cute plaid masks for women before we start selling out!

Our bulk red plaid masks are also in a trendy pattern that fits the season and the holidays perfectly. Or, you can choose from Katydid’s other patterns and colors that make great gifts for your customers’ friends and family. Combine our face masks with wholesale hats and Quarantine and Chill accessories to create gift sets your customers will love.