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Our Story | Jude and Jay Boutique

First of all - THANK YOU for visiting my website. It means everything to my small business! 

My name is Erin and I am the founder of Jude and Jay Boutique. Named after my mama, who passed from breast cancer in 2016 (Judi) and after my big brother, who passed suddenly in 2020 (Jason). 

Jude and Jay was born from what I'd like to label an "identity crisis." I had my daughter a few years back and had no idea what to do with my new body. I felt like a stranger to these new stretch marks and parts that shifted into different places. I didn't know how to move forward while embracing my body and celebrating it with style. My self esteem was at a low point.

It has taken 4 years for me to finally realize that it is perfectly okay to be imperfect. You should be able to find clothes that fit and flatter your imperfections. I wanted to offer size inclusive clothing in a wide array of styles to cover the needs of all women. I wanted my boutique to be a haven - a space for women to shop, build confidence and rediscover their own style. 

I am a mama and a bonus mom and am married to a wonderful (and patient) man. In our family, we interrupt our family for baseball season (stepson plays, hubs coached. We are blessed beyond measure with happy and healthy kids and God has truly given us the most amazing gifts. 

I LOVE to hear from you - on how I can help grow your confidence or make life a little bit easier for you when it comes to shopping and apparel. Trust me, I was not born with the style gene and I loathe dressing rooms. So please reach out - email, DM, Hogwarts owl...I'd love to hear from you! 

 Thank you for being a part of my story!